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“Contracts and other records are easily retrieved for reference in on-going projects.”

Docukit Easy Retrieval Real Estate

“Simple interface, saves time in retrieving case files, very convenient in filing new documents”

Fast Retrieval of Cases Law Firm

“I am happy with the security features of docukit. It is easy using docukit particularly the user account authorization control.”

Account Authorization Government

“Fast scanning. In terms of retrieval of records, it makes my work easier”

Fast Scanning Government

“I am satisfied with docukit. Processing of documents are easy, We can search, retrieve and verify the certificates fast, it also help us with our reporting and we can access our documents anywhere.”

Access Anywhere Government

“It saves time and it can scan a lot of documents at the same time.”

Saves Time Government
 Government | Public Service

Archive and manage confidential paper-based and electronic documents. All users are assigned with authority levels as to which library, folders and documents they may access. Revisions done to a document are controlled and managed thru the system’s version control feature.




Education | Academe

Archival of paper-based and electronic student records. Guarantees efficiency and fast document retrieval whenever records are needed. Generation of statistical reports based on student record metadata, such as number of enrollees per course, total number of students, etc.




FMCG | Manufacturing

Automate the Accounts Payable / Receivable processing where paper-based invoices and P.O.s are archived and processed digitally, resulting in efficiency and productivity. User is also able to generate various reports related to the invoice/PO information.

Manage various supplier and vendor contracts by archiving all contracts, permits and licenses. User is able to monitor the status of the contract including its expiry, introducing a pro-active approach to managing renewals.