Docukit harnesses different business applications and features to enable the capability of every organization to kick-start their digital transformation journey. Thus, making them future-proof and digital-ready.

Document Management

Provides the core capabilities of digital archiving. Moreover, Docukit DMS deployment types vary based on your needs to tailor fir any business. SME or enterprise.


Business Workflow

Eliminate the manual approval pain points. Docukit Workflow digitizes approval processes that give the organization the capability to automate various routine processes for efficiency and productivity.

Data Protection Application

Helps your Data Protection Officer identify all personal data flows within the organization, including the personal data collected from customers and employees through various channels.

Data Capture and Intelligent Document Classifier

These tools help you to automate the digitization process - from document classification to capturing document content.

Customization and Integration

Docukit Applications has APIs or Connectors that can be used for integration to other applications. Moreover, you can customize the pre-defined features of any Docukit application.

Streamline Your Process with

Business Workflow

Digitize and Upload

Create a digital copy of the document using a copier or scanner. Secure your document in Docukit DMS. Capture key information and classify documents automatically.

Collaborate and Approve

Collaborate with involved users to manage and control revisions. Route for review, approval and processing.

Store and Archive

Secure the document in a DMS and manage user access and controls. You can also see document history and audit logs.

Search and Retrieve

Efficiently search and retrieve documents information using laptop/desktop PCs. Generate relevant reports based on captured metadata.

Different Docukit DMS Deployments

Docukit DMS Videos